Automatic updates may stall your printer, costing you time and money.

Alternative cartridges were designed to make printing more affordable, but printer manufacturers have decided they want you to pay more, by rolling out technology that blocks our products. Here’s how.

The default setting on a printer checks for automatic firmware updates, so they happen without your knowledge and consent. Sounds convenient, but it’s not. The updates serve one purpose: to detect and block the use of alternative cartridges, forcing you to buy the expensive, original cartridges sold by the printer manufacturer. By blocking alternative cartridges, automatic firmware updates on your printer will increase significantly your printing expenses and deprive your right to save.

Third-party cartridges are efficient, legal and accessible.

If this automatic update occurs, and you’re using alternative cartridges, you may read on your printer or computer screen: **Cannot Detect or No Toner**.

After this update, you will have to return your cartridges, wait for proper replacements and purchase full priced original cartridges, to continue printing while you wait. 

It’s a waste of your time, resources and money.

To continue saving and avoid these unacceptable situations, all you have to do is disable the “Firmware Auto Check” function.

If you have any question or concerns, or if you need help with the procedure, please contact us

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Don’t let printer firmware updates deprive your right to save