We know that automatic replenishment is tempting

But in the end, the manufacturer revokes your right to save. 

When you buy a printer ending with the letter ‘’e’’, OfficeJet 8010e for example, the manufacturer will block your right to buy compatible cartridges and will force you to buy only the expensive original cartridges.

This situation is irrevocable.

You will have to change your printer in order to use the alternative products again.


But here’s the good news!

If you ever registered to HP+ (Instant Ink), but your printer is not ending with the letter ‘’e’’, you will be able to start buying alternative cartridges again only by cancelling your subscription.
See below how.

Procedure how to unsubscribe;

Step 1:

 Go to, and login to your account & Select the printer models that you need to unsubcribe

Step 2:

Click on change plan

Step 3:

 Click on ”Cancel my subscription”.

If you have any question or concerns, or if you need help with the procedure, please contact us!

We are here for you